Outlook Crashes After Office 365 Password Change


After changing an Office 365 Exchange password, Outlook starts crashing. Event viewer gives error message with Exception code: 0xc000027b.


If you change the password (or are forced to by the admin) you may experience this crash. I found it to happen with Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Outlook 2016, but it looks like there may be other combinations, at least with Outlook 2013 that may also have the same issue.
In the past when I’ve had this issue, I’ve simply made a new profile, but this time there were a couple other accounts set up, and so I wanted to avoid settings them all up again. The computer had not been rebooted, so I tried that, then I also tried to start Outlook in safe mode, and neither worked. I made a new profile with no email accounts, and it opened fine, so I knew it was something with that profile. After searching a bit online, I found the solution.


The password, even after updating, was not updated on the computer. The Credential manager still had the old password, and Outlook was not updating the password before the crash, so every time Outlook started, the same crash kept happening. This solution was pretty straight forward:
1. Click on Start, type “Control Panel” (without quotes) and click on the search result to open it up.
2. In the Control Panel, search for the Credential Manager. Click on it to open it.
3. In there find the Office Account, click on it, then click edit. Then update the password to match your new password. Even though there was nothing under the user, it would not let me save without putting something in there. I used the full email address, although I do not know if it would work with anything else.
After this, Outlook should open and continue to work as it did before the password change.


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