QuickBooks 2014 Stops Working After Windows 10 Anniversary Update


Older QuickBooks, in this case QuickBooks Pro 2014, fail to open, or keep crashing on Windows 10, even if they were working before.


QuickBooks Pro 2014 was installed on a client’s new Windows 10 computer, then tested with their company file which worked fine. But a day later, QuickBooks is crashing, freezing, and is completely unusable. It crashes while trying to activate the program, or even just open it and skip the registration and get into the company data.

The problem is that the computer came with out the big “Anniversary Update” that came out in August, 2016. Once the update automatically installed, it broke QuickBooks.


A short or medium-term solution is to go in an roll back the update to remove the Anniversary Update. With that off QuickBooks should work again if it did before with Windows 10. But this is only temporary, as other big updates will come, and will likely break it again, and it is not a good idea to stop updates (and Windows 10 makes it tricky to as well).

The only good long-term solution, unfortunately, is to buy a newer Quickbooks. QuickBooks 2015 should work, but since there is a 3 year window that Intuit supports QuickBooks, it is wisest to bite the bullet and upgrade to the latest version (2017 as of this writing).


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