About this blog

After years working as a computer consultant, I have amassed quite a collection of notes on my trickier cases. Sometimes there are things you’ve figured out that you run into again and again, other times it is something you will never have to deal with again. But you write it down and save it just in case you need it again.

To start with, this site will be a blog that will share some of these tricks. My purpose is to have them there accessible, both to share with others that may run into the same problems, as well as my own reference. Over time I may add more topics, or allow people to ask questions, but to start with these are the some of the tricks I have learned over the years.

About my sources: Many times I’ve found solutions to my problems from others that have shared it on other sites. Sometimes I remembered to save the address of where I found it, and when I have that information I will include it. If I miss attributing a source, I apologize, and if informed I will make changes to the relevant posts.